Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tag update

After an anxiety-filled night where I woke up every two hours to feed our little concern, I got up this morning to discover that she had lost more weight. I was feeling rather hopeless and useless. I took her in to Vet Services before my class started, and dropped her off with Ashley, fearing the worst.

When I returned at 1:15 this afternoon, Ashley greeted me with the news that she thinks that Tag is going to be OK, and that I am doing *everything* I should and could be. Tag began purring the minute I picked her up, and she also had a bowel movement while I was getting her ready to leave. This alleviated my fear that there might be something wrong with her intestinal tract.

So we are now cautiously optimistic - she will eat when I use an eye dropper, and there is nothing obviously wrong with her. She for whatever reason has a different growth curve than her sibs (who look like HUGE bruisers next to her).

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