Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update on Cedar and a new litter

So we took Cedar back to the shelter to get a scan done and then be spade. I got a call from Juli, the new cat foster coordinator. It turns out that Cedar was never pregnant AND she had been spade when she was younger. However, she had some kind of internal herniation which had lead to tissue growth with fooled the vet into thinking she was pregnant. So...they fixed up her insides and I can (sort of) forgive whoever owned her because they didn't declaw but NOT fix our sweet girl. Cedar has become one of the favorites at the shelter because she is so loving and sweet. Her facial infection continues to improve. Hopefully she will get a her new forever home really soon.

The other news Juli called with was that there was a mama cat with 5 six-week old kittens who had just been brought in! So off I went to the shelter to pick them up. Mama is a beautiful lynx point with ice blue eyes. There are 4 girls and one boy kitten. There is a grey tabby, two dilute torties (grey base instead of black), one dilute tuxedo and a pale orange kitten. I got them into the car and took them home in complete silence (!)

Once we got them home, they were very apprehensive. Mama started panting and none of them would come out of their carrier. We could touch them without any hissing, but there did not seem to be any interest in the experience :-(. Looks like we're in for some careful socializing.

When I went in this morning, the kittens were starting to explore, but Mama had planted herself under the couch in our family room. I was able to hold the orange boy and the tuxedo girl for a couple of moments.

Mama is now known as Freja (prounouced Frey-a).

Pictures tonight!

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  1. Enjoy the babies and I hope Freja doesn't take to long to understand she's in a wonderful home.

    It took a couple of months for Lucy to come out from under the bed (even though she didn't object to me handling her babies), and nine months for her to come upstairs. Now, a year later, she's a love hound! Another 6 months and I'll be she'll be socialized enough to adopt out!