Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bye bye babies

It doesn't get easier saying goodbye. On Saturday, I called the shelter and for the first time ever, Ashley (the cat foster care coordinator) answered the phone. I figured that was the sign telling me it was time to let my babies go. So I let my two cats out of the house and let Theodore, Shayla, Zyra and Ivan run around the house. They had a great romp, chasing each other around the couch and over the laundry. By the time I was ready to pack them into the cat carrier, they were sleepy. Off we drove to the Humane Society, where I gave them all last cuddles and said goodbye.

I got a quick email from Ashley on Monday saying that all four kittens had gotten through surgey fine, and were up for adoption. Today, the website shows that Theodore and Shayla have already been adopted. They didn't even get pictures taken by the shelter staff! Zyra and Ivan aren't listed yet, but given how sweet they are, I am guessing they will be in forever homes before long.

I miss my babies. It's strange not having my daily snuggles. But I keep reminding myself that these kittens would not have survived if it were not for me, and someone out there will have one or two loving cats for life as a result of me snuggling them so much. So it is all worth it.

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