Friday, October 16, 2009

Nearly ready for forever homes

I haven't posted in quite some time, and the kittens have done lots of changing. I think seeing them so close to being ready to find forever homes has been more heart-wrenching this time, as I have been their de facto mother since week 2. But I keep taking solace in knowing that whomever adopts these little sweethearts will have cats that will *love* humans for the rest of their lives.

It is such a pleasure to enter the kitten room and have these four little bundles of energy jump up onto my lap. The often start purring the second they see me. Within a moment or two, I have become their personal jungle gym: they leap off my legs and shoulders at each other, chase each other behind my back, and treat my toes like their exclusive chew toys.

Zya has caught the "cat-o-nine tails" toy.

"Take dat you nasty brodder!"

"I can has a snuggle?"

"Wazzat smell? You eated cheezburgers??"

"Adopt me 'cause I de cutest"

"I like dat. You can do more of dat"

"Iz ignoring you abawt to attack"

This picture was taken before we managed to wean the voracious little buggers. They would ALL climb on us at once if they thought we had a bottle of KMR.

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