Sunday, March 3, 2013

Crouching mama, hidden kittens

Exploring under Mama's watchful eye
Serenity and the kittens continue to grow as a family. The kittens have started rolling around and batting at each other clumsily. They still don't have any real teeth, so the baby nips are more gumming each other.

A couple of the kitttens, including Gray, have some eye gunk. I have been diligently wiping down their eyes with a warm cloth every time one of them can't open their eye. They aren't very happy with the process, but I want to make sure they can see properly.

On Friday afternoon I went in to the office with my cousin so show off Serenity and the kittens, but when I looked into the dog carrier - everyone was gone! It looked as though Serenity had gotten sick as the blanket had some diarrhea on it. But where were Serenity and the kittens? I could hear some squeaking under my desk behind my shredder, so I crawled under. Serenity was there with two kittens. I pulled them out and started searching for the other three. My cousin kept saying, "Are you sure they're not under there? I can hear them" After a moment, we thought perhaps they were next to the book case. Nope. Then my cousin started pulling out the magazine files I have on the bottom shelf of my bookcase. There, stuck in one magazine file were the other three kittens. You can see from the picture that it was not easy to get the kittens in there - and I have NO idea how she would have gotten them back out.

The kittens were crusty, Serenity's back end was still covered with poop, and she was not going near the kittens. I was more than a little worried. But I grabbed a warm washcloth and proceeded to clean off the kittens, then I started to clean her off. She was pretty patient about the whole thing - not that she liked being washed, but I got the sense she knew I was helping. I pulled out the soiled blanket, got a new one, remade the nest, heated the kitten warmer, plopped them back in to the nest, and went out of the room. I was hoping that if I left a cleaned up Serenity alone, she would go back to being the amazing mama she can be. I was right! Within a few minutes, she was back in the nest.

When I went back in to the office to visit her, she seemed to be OK. I petted her and as I was pulling away to get up she reached out her paw and grabbed my hand as if to say, "Don't go!" It was really sweet. Since then, every time I go in to visit, Serenity gets up and wants love and attention. It is amazing how quickly my fosters recognize that I am there to care for them. When people ask me why I foster, I always am reminded that I make a difference in the lives of these cats.
Strike a pose!
When I talked to Juli later that night, I told her I had given Serenity the high calorie wet cat food. Turns out many cats have a tough time digesting the prescription diet and they get the runs from it. So no more A/D wet cat food!

What did I do to deserve this?

Happy family

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