Friday, March 8, 2013

Healthy again

It's been a while since I have posted! Serenity and the kittens are doing well. The gummed eyes got a bit worse, so my husband took the brood in to see the Vet at the SHS. Early stage URI, so meds for mama and eye drops for the kittens. That was Wednesday. I went in to see them this morning and already the eye gunk seems to have cleared up - YAY! Serenity is the easiest cat I have ever had for giving meds to. When I grab her by the scruff of the neck, she almost goes limp. But boy is she reproachful afterwards. She'll make herself small in a corner, and when I go to pet her, she seems to cringe. Of course, within a few minutes, she is back to wanting snuggles and pets.
The kittens are getting more and more adventurous. They love to be taken out and put on someone's lap or on the blanket so they can roll around and play with each other. They are getting steadier on their feet too, so they are more likely to crawl over each other or whichever human is cuddling with them.
They can hear quite well now, so when I come into the room they will hear me and start squeaking. I am pleased that if any one of them seems upset, being picked up and snuggled seems to calm them right down.
All of the kittens are now over the 10 oz. mark. There is about an ounce difference in weight between the smallest and the largest kitten.

I will take and post more pictures over the weekend.

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