Saturday, March 16, 2013

Serenity's saga continues

So the kittens have (mostly) successfully switched over to bottle-feeding, and come running when I open the door. Gray prefers the slurry to the bottle. Since we brought them back from the SHS, the girls all have collars with their official numbers on them. I've been able to track their weights more effectively and we have FINALLY named them. So, in the spirit of Firefly, the four girls are Inara, River, Kaylee and Zoe. Inara is now the smallest because she really doesn't like the bottle yet, and she will only take about a teaspoon at a time. River is the one with the heart murmer, but she is growing much better now she is on the bottle. She is quite the little snuggler. Kaylee is the most adventurous, and has managed to get out of the room before I shut the door! Zoe is our biggest kitten - she is 14.65 oz to her siblings range of 12.5 to 13.6.

Serenity continued to refuse food for about 24 hours after I brought her back. She took her first dose of subcutaneous fluids OK, but when we tried to give her a second dose the next night, she fought us and got away. Between her not eating and me feeling inept at getting her the fluids she needed, I made the decision to email Juli. She said we needed to proceed with the surgery. We got it set for Saturday, and I kept trying to tempt her with various food options.

Interestingly, once the kittens started taking the bottle, Serenity seemed to regain some of her appetite. She ate some of the dry cat food and two cans of the fancy feast I gave her. Unfortunately, she was still completely refusing the high calorie slurry - even if her kittens seemed to like it.

I took her in to the SHS this morning, and went back to get her this afternoon. Juli reported that all but her canine teeth were removed, and that they spayed her at the same time. Serenity was very woozy, and needed to be kept separate from the kittens until the morning. When I got her home, I set her up in our master bathroom. She got out of the carrier and paced groggily around the bathroom. She wouldn't let me near her. I was kind of worried, but hoped it was just the drugs in her system. Sure enough, when I visited her an hour later, she came out and wanted to be petted and cuddled. She still seemed to pace the room quite a bit. I'm wondering if she may be looking for her kittens. I'm looking forward to reuniting them tomorrow morning.

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