Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chaos, Havoc, and Snurfles

I woke up yesterday to what I thought was a cat fight on my head. It turned out that Ember (one of our 9 month old cats) had snuck into the office to find out what all the fuss was about. Of course, Lorinda objected strenuously to an unannounced visitor harassing *her* babies, and so was a little bit defensive. Poor Kurt felt awful - he has no idea how Ember snuck by him. Ember was rather confuzzled at all the fuss, and the poor kittens were a little shook up. They spent the rest of the day hiding behind the toilet. Luckily, they are back to running around the office with abandon.

All my fosters are struggling with the URI. Poor Lorinda spent the first 24 hours at home here mouth breathing and unable to meow or purr. She would get bubbles coming out her nose. She's been on Clavamox for 3.5 days now and her breathing has really improved. She still snurfles lots, but she can meow and even purrs occasionally.

Orlando is the most adventurous of the trio. He is happy to run out to greet me when I enter the office. Tora (or she may be Tarot, trying to decide) is still very shy. She takes a bit of coaxing to come out and play. Lady Jane's name has stuck. She is such a little princess - although Orlando might disagree. She torments him whenever she gets the chance! She has the worst of the sniffles. When she sneezes her whole body gets jerked back!

More pics soon - I promise.

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