Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kittens & bunnies & rescues, oh my

I went out to the back deck about 3 hours ago only to discover that our kitten, Ember had cornered a very tiny baby bunny. Being soft-hearted, I rescued the bunny from Ember, and sat back to figure out what the heck I should do now. Buster (the bunny) was tiny enough that I could hold him in one hand. He was (maybe) 3 inches long and as soft as silk. After calling the vet at the Seattle Humane Society and hemming and hawing, I did a bit of internet research and discovered PAWS Wildlife Rescue center in Lynnwood ( - they are always looking for donations). Cindy, the lovely volunteer I spoke to, suggested I bring Buster in to see if they could keep him alive long enough to release him back into the wild.

So I drove up to Lynnwood with little Buster in a shoe box. He survived the journey, and was taken into the recovery center. Cindy said that once he was checked over, he would be put with some other bunnies. She also took down my name and address and promised to send me a card telling me what happened to Buster.

Another interesting day...

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