Saturday, June 19, 2010

Getting kitten fever

Whew - I am done my MBA capstone project and immediately my thoughts turn to fostering! I have missed having babies around the house, despite the fact that we now have four cats underfoot at all times now (and I do mean underfoot!)

Over the past few weeks I have been snowed under with computer work. Clearly Moxie and Ember (our two newest family members) think that I am in need of support and sustenance - in the past week they have brought me 6 dead shrews. I'll be sitting at my desk working away when I hear one of their tiny "mew" under the office window. I will open the window distractedly, only to discover one of the huntresses flinging the dead rodent up in the air behind my desk chair. They seem rather miffed when I summarily return them AND their newly acquired toy back outside.
I will write as soon as we acquire a mama cat and/or some kittens.


  1. I've just posted about cats today.

  2. Scrolling back on some of your posts and had to laugh at this one. I'm without fosters for the first time in a year and a half and the house seems downright empty with "only" four cats in it! (Other folks at the Institute are fostering right now... I'm just only one who will blog!)

    Also ROFL on gift disposal. Mine are indoor only now, but in the day... oh boy, did they take umbrage when I didn't show proper appreciation for their offerings. Read somewhere that they love us but think of us as hopeless hunters and must continue to show us how it is done!

    I know by spring I'll be jonesing for some kittens, but it's our busy season at work (I'm an accountant, not a scientist, and it's fiscal year end), so I'm going to try to stay fosterless for a couple of months.