Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Kittens are here.

I got a call this morning from the Seattle Humane Society - they had a mama and three 8-week old kittens that needed a couple of weeks of foster care to recover from an upper respiritory infection. So off we went to pick them up. They are delightfully cute - there is one peachy orange boy whom we have named Orlando. The other two are girls - a brown tabby with a very lynx-like face that we are calling Tora, and a cloudy grey kitten who has yet to share her name with us. Mama is a beautiful tortie named Lorinda.

The three kittens started out very shy, but are already warming up and tearing around the office. They love to climb up my desk chair I already have scratches on my neck and shoulders.

This one is the grey girl. I think of her as Lady Jane Grey, but I think she has a different name.

This is Orlando, relaxing and hanging out alrea5tr'[;4dy. (His commentary on my commentary)

And this is Tora, my little tigeress. She is the shyest of the bunch.

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