Friday, February 1, 2013

Another round of kittens on their way

It's been nearly a year since I wrote last. I am going to try harder to keep up with my posts.

My last litter of kittens from Peridot yielded three beautiful babies - Beya, Q, and Kaz. Beya was adopted by a friend of mine, Q stayed here with us, and Kaz and his mama went back to the Humane Society and were quickly adopted.

Q, or more formally known as Earl Grayson Q Von Fluffybits, has been a wonderful edition to our family. Moto took to him immediately, which was a shock for me. The two of them are best buds. Interestingly, now that Moto leaves the twins alone and Q just politely purrs at them, all four cats seem much happier and more relaxed with each other.
So I got an email yesterday saying that the Humane Society had rescued a number of pregnant cats along with a couple of mama cats with litters from a hoarding situation. I sent back an email and headed off today to pick up our new edition. She is a sweet grey tabby who seems very frightened right now. Juli said that she was quite friendly yesterday, so I am hoping that she will perk up and like us pretty quickly. I hope she gives birth early next week, since it would be nice to have kittens on one of my girls' birthdays.

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