Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Settling in

Serenity seems to be settling in nicely - and finally eating! I was a little worried that her teeth were bothering her enough to put her off eating, but I'm now guessing she was just stressed. She loves her wet cat food, but has also gone through a small bowl of kitten kibbles too. She is exploring more. When I come in to the room, she is often in a new spot - although she hasn't really taken to the soft corner I set up for her. I may swap out the small carrier for a bigger one so she has room to have kittens inside if that would make her feel safer. She also likes my desk chair as a spot to sleep - it's a universal favorite judging by the cat hair stuck to it.

Still no kitten arrival, but I have seen the kittens move! I'm hoping they arrive this week.

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