Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One kitten passes away

I had forgotten how heart-wrenching this job can be.

When I checked this morning at 5:30AM (getting up with my daughter for school), I discovered that one of the kittens had passed away during the night. I don't *think* it was the one we rescued last night, because I was more careful cutting his umbilical cord, and the kitten that died had a longer umbilical left. He was warm to the touch, so it took me a moment to confirm. I guess that Serenity did a good job keeping the whole litter warm and snuggly all night.

3.90 oz - all grey kitten (no white on face)
3.95 oz
4.00 oz
4.15 oz
4.15 oz

It is nearly impossible to tell them apart - they are all clones of Serenity.

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