Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And then there was one...

This week has been a week of saying goodbye. On Monday I took the kittens and Serenity in to the Humane Society to get fixed. The plan was to pick up Grey and Kaylee afterwards so that they could be picked up from my house by their new humans. However, it turned out that River's heart murmur meant she needs a special surgery which couldn't be performed for another three weeks. Juli asked if I could take her home again until Friday while she worked on finding another foster home.

I also spent a few minutes with Serenity in her new digs in Colony Room 1. She seemed very skittish, but once I got her out from under the couch, she snuggled and demanded pets. I really hope someone takes the time to get to know her. She is such a petite girl, but she will make someone a good companion.

So I brought home three kittens on Monday evening. Kaylee was ready to play within a couple of hours of getting home, but Grey was more than a little bit tuckered out. He spent most of the evening crashed out on my lap.

I checked online yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, and Zoe and Inara had already been snapped up. Long lives little ones!

So today both Kaylee and Grey's humans came to pick them up. It was hard saying goodbye, but made MUCH easier seeing first-hand just how much their owners already love and cherish them. Plus - I got promises of occasional pictures and updates.

Now little River is sleeping on the bed on my desk. She is not happy being left alone, but she seems fine if I'm in here with her. I really hope that her health issues do not become a challenge to adopting her out. If anyone knows of someone wanting a sweet, darling little kitten, please have them get in touch with me!

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