Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Connection made

One of the fun parts of my job as a foster parent is introducing the kittens to people interested in adopting. It was wonderful to have my daughter's friend Madison and her family stop by on Saturday. Madison's grandma has been following the blog, and was enchanted with all five kittens. She met all five, and - as I would have predicted - Kaylee was one of the first ones to introduce herself. Within a very short time, she was firmly ensconced in in a lap, purring away. Madison's sister sat in the big armchair, and River made herself comfortable as well. Zoe and Inara alternated between quick cuddles and running around playing. Gray was kind of laid back and calm, watching the group of admirers.

The kittens continue to grow and change. I'm beginning to be able to tell them apart a bit. River has the softest, fluffiest fur of the four girls, and Zoe has the shortest hair. Kaylee is almost always the first to run to me, and Inara is still the most shy. But they all love getting snuggles. When I sit down in the big armchair, it's rare to have more than couple of minutes go by before I have 2-3 of them perched around me inviting me to play.

Serenity continues to be pretty laid back. Occasionally she will want some attention, but she often is content to just sit nearby as the kittens climb and play. I do often find her snuggled up with them, so I think she continues to comfort nurse them occasionally.

They are mostly using the litter box now. I do have to clean up accidents outside of the litter box, but it is getting less and less often.

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