Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Geek Fan and Foster Worlds Collide

Yesterday I had the coolest experience. Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackoff were supposed to show up at Blazing Bagels in the morning before leaving on the Tulip Ride ( Being a HUGE Battlestar Galactica fan, I couldn't not go. I had no IDEA what the Tulip Ride even was. So Kya and I headed over then after my morning workout. Tricia Helfer was already there, so I screwed up my courage to let her know how much I loved her character in BSG, and I asked what the ride was for. Turns out it is benefiting the Red Cross and the Humane Society!!! I shared that I foster for the Humane Society in Seattle, and Tricia shared that she has 11 cats! So I got to show her a picture of River, and she showed me her baby, Maxie, who only has three legs. What an incredible experience. Tricia Helfer is one classy lady!

Tricia Helfer as Six from BSG

Tricia Helfer & I at Blazing Bagels

River looking relaxed

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