Friday, April 12, 2013

So close to surgery weights!

So my brood is growing so fast now. I took them in last weekend to get checked out, and they are all doing really well. Some minor eye gunk which they are getting drops for, but the vet staff were ooing and aaahing over them. They are all nearly at 2 pounds, so I am expecting to bring them in sometime in the next week. [sniff, sniff].

All of them are completely weaned and litter trained - thank goodness. It is never my favorite part of the job to clean up puddles in my office. They are also very active, running and leaping all over my office. As much as I adore them, the office is completely unusable as an office right now. It's nearly impossible to hold a professional conversation while having your leg climbed or a kitten walks across your phone set. And trying to write or type or sort papers? Forget it! So the kittens are making it just a little bit harder to run my business - hopefully I will get back into a work routine soon.
Serenity and her brood

Gray lazing in amongst the girls

You can see their eyes are going green

Zoe investigates the camera (you can see the blue in her ear)

Handsome boy!

River looking pretty

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