Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dolce the snugglepuss

Dolce has settled in nicely. She is incredibly friendly and loves being in someones lap. She will rub her nose against my cheek and purr madly for as long as I will let her.

My husband is convinced that she is going to go into labor on Saturday morning, after the girls and I head off for our all-day excursion. I happen to think Dolce is capable of giving birth without any need for help, but I do understand his anxiety at being left to play reluctant midwife/doula to a cat.

Anyway, here are the promised pictures of our new little domina.

Showing Theona some love.

Here you can see how round her belly is, and how lovely her markings are.

Snuggled into Theona's arms.

The pics don't show how blue her eyes are, but I'm sure I will manage to get a picture of them eventually.

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