Friday, August 21, 2009

No babies yet...

Dolce seems quite content already, although she does seem uncomfortable being as round as she is. She loves having one of us visit with her - already she insists on climbing into my lap for a cuddle as soon as I sit down. She is also eating well, which I am glad to see. Despite her rounded tummy, the rest of her is very thin. I have also noticed that the very end of her tail is crooked, as if she broke it at some point. It doesn't seem to bother her, so I am guessing its an old injury.

She definately has some Siamese in her - her plaintif meow is testament to that. Although her mew is quite dainty, it seems to have that Siamese pierce to it. Hopefully we will not be regaled with yeowling as she delivers. Theona keeps asking, "Do you think she'll have the kittens soon?!" to which I can only say, "Well, she does seem pretty huge already..." Here's hoping it happens soon.

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