Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here we go again

Today I got a call from Ashley at the Seattle Humane Society. She had another pregnant cat - did we want to foster again. I was up for it, but I wasn't sure about my husband, so I gave him a quick call. He said, "lets go for it!" so the girls and I headed down to the shelter to meet our new foster. We were introduced to a beautiful young kitty with bright blue eyes, siamese type markings, and a huge belly. The shelter staff had tentatively named her Leah, but the moment I saw her I thought, "Dolce".

We brought her home and let her out into the laundry room. She has familiarized herself with the space quickly - including finding the small space behind the dryer. Hopefully she will have more sense than to give birth back there. Luckily she comes out as soon as someone comes into the room. She is extremely friendly, rubbing her head against our hands and purring loudly. She seems quite happy to have people around her and she is eating already!

Pictures by the end of the evening!

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