Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An eventful week

Felines have most definitely been forefront in our lives this week. First, we came home on Thursday to discover that our cat, Cosmo, was 40 feet up a pine tree in the green belt next to our house. BIG SIGH. I had hoped that a night in the tree might encourage him to come down, but based on the yeowling coming from the tree, there was little chance he would make it down on his own. Plus, the *entire* neighborhood could hear him, poor bugger. We could hear people talking and worrying about him throughout Friday. Finally, we put a sign on the tree saying,

This cat has loving owners.
His name is Cosmo and he's 16 years old
We know he is in the tree.
We are taking steps to get him down.

We called Dan Kraus from He says that he gets about two calls a week for cats. He charged us $75 to get Cosmo down. He was patient and kind with our terrified cat, and he was worth every penny. Thank you Dan! You are our angel this week.

We also had to take the kittens back in to the shelter to have their ears rechecked and their first round of shots. I was feeling kind of uneasy about Dolce. She was getting very rough with the kittens - much more than Delilia ever did - and I was hearing squeaks of actual pain from the kitten room quite regularly throughout the day. Plus, Dolce has leapt at our younger daughter, Theona twice, scratching her and scaring her. I talked it over with my husband as we took the kittens in, and we decided to mention it to Ashley. She asked if the kittens were getting much at all nutrition-wise from Dolce, to which I said no. Ashley agreed that it was more important for the kittens to be safe than kept with Mama. So, with sadness and trepidation, we said goodbye to Dolce, and brought just the kittens home.

I am very glad to say they are doing amazingly well. They all come tearing up to us when we enter the kitten room, clambering up to get to the bottle first. I have to laugh at how often the kitten I am nursing has to fend off his or her sibs! Quite the ill-mannered little things! But they are so fun to watch playing now. They wrestle and tussle, jump and pounce, kick and run constantly.

I will post more pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Cat in a Tree Rescue! That is such a good idea! Good luck with the little ones now that mom is gone. It seems like it was for the best. Hopefully they can socialize her a bit more at the shelter!