Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kittens growing and Mama got an earful

Dolce has been spending quite a bit of time shaking her head and scratching at her ears, so today I took her back to see the vet at the Humane Society. Yep - I was right. She got a treatment on her ears (which she thoroughly HATED), but hopefully the kittens will not catch them now that she's been treated.

The kittens are all doing wonderfully. We have two bottles now, since the kittens can be quite vocal about getting fed, particularly Evanee and little Theo. I am filling up the little nursing bottle twice a day, so each kitten is eating between one and two tablespoons of formula within a 24 hour period.

The best time is right after they have eaten their fill. Evanee loves to lie on her back and get her tummy rubbed. She will bat at my finger and purr. Theodore has taken to falling asleep in my arms, as has Shayla. Even Zyra loves to curl up and sleep against me if I lie down near them. And I can't count the number of times the kittens have pushed their little faces into mine and given me milky kisses. It's delightful (although messy).

Theodore sleeping in my husband's arms after a huge lunch

Another cute sleeping Theodore pic

Dolce curled up with her family

Kittens competing for the coveted spot next to the warm belly of Mama

Shayla rarrrs
Theodore getting a bath.

Theona and her friend with a pocketful of sleepy kitten

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