Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not sure what to think

In the last 48 hours, Shalya has lost 0.2 oz, which is worrying. But the thing that concerns me even more is that twice we have come into the room to find Shayla out of the nest and under a blanket beside the nest. My fear is that Dolce is rejecting her. So I am redoubling my effort to get extra food into them all.

This morning, when I came in, all four kittens were in the correct place, which helped allay my fears. I tried feeding Shayla, and got her to take a bit. Dolce was quite curious as to what I was doing. After a few minutes, she came over and I put Shayla on a blanket next to her. Dolce promptly started grooming her (whew). Of course, when Dolce nipped Shayla's paw, she jumped and squeaked! I think Dolce was after the taste of the kitten formula.

I have sat in the kitten room for about 45 minutes now, and I have discovered that the kittens are capable of getting out of the nest on their own! Both Theodore and Evanee at separate times have made it to the edge of the carrier. It seems more likely that Shayla got out while searching for her mama, then got stuck.

I have also learned that Dolce is not fond of the washing machine. I turned it on to wash the nest bedding, and as soon as I left the room, she started finding her inner Siamese! I could hear her clear across the house! I would come in, and she would be fine - she wanted to get out of the room, but she didn't seem scared. Just irritated at the noise. LOL. She will have to cope - we really don't have another space suitable for her and the kittens.

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