Thursday, September 3, 2009

Over the worst (I hope)

After a tiring night, and a shift at work, I got home and fed the kittens again. None of them had lost weight (thank goodness), but no gain yet, either. Zyra chowed down, taking in about 10 ml of formula, but the other three were not so accomodating. After talking to Ashley, I also gave the kittens some fluid under their skin, and I will also be adding doses of Clavamox to their daily regiment.

At four this afternoon, I fed them again. Both Shayla and Theodore (after some coaxing) ate well - 15-20 ml between them. Zyra ate a little, and once again Evanee refused to eat. I have been wondering if perhaps she is getting some from Dolce, since her weight has not gone down. But she is being quite stubborn. Even if I feed her with the syringe, she spits the formula out onto her paws. Grrrr.

My daughter got some great pics of the kittens:

Shayla eating voraciously.

Zyra making a mess.

Theodore after some coaxing.

Our little yin and yang with full tummies

Shayla looking cute.

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