Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Smart boy!

When I was feeding the kittens this morning, I looked over to see Ivan climb into the litter box and go pee! All the kittens have climbed in and out of the litter box, but it was the first time I had seen one of them actually get the purpose of it. Now, if the kittens can stop leaving poop deposits all over the room, I will be very happy. I must admit, I'm not surprised that it was Ivan that did it first. In spite of his early leg deformity, he has proven to be the most advanced of the kittens. Last night I watched him stalk his mum while she was eating, and I see him fight back when Dolce is in a playful mood. He's also the one who has started trotting. So instead of calling him 'Ivan the Terrible', we've nicknamed him 'Ivan the Loveable'.

Ivan investigating...

Zyra looking pretty. She has the most gorgeous markings.

Ivan playing hide and seek. All the kittens love the cement blocks.

Cuddle of playful kittens

Theodore the HUNGRY boy. He can suck down half a bottle!

Shayla the beautiful. You can see that her markings are quite striking. I think she looks a little like a lynx. Theodore is using her tummy as a pillow.

Ivan the loveable getting pets and snuggles.

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  1. Yay Ivan! One of my little guys just had his first pee in the box this afternoon and I was overjoyed! From catching up on your posts it seems as though we are having extremely similar experiences with our litters. You have a beautiful group!