Monday, September 14, 2009

Growing and playing

All the kittens are growing at least half an ounce a day, and are eating almost a full bottle each feeding. When I enter the room and sit down, at least one of the kittens will crawl over and start climbing up my leg onto my lap.

The kittens are just starting to play as well. If they are full and happy, they tend to spend a bit of time climbing over each other and starting to bat at each other. Usually they will bat, then lick each other.

Shayla is still the most laid back of the four kittens. She is happy to hang out on her back in my arms. Evanee seems to be the most bonded to me. She is the first out of the nest the minute she hears the door, and she loves to snuggle up against my leg after eating. Zyra is quick to start nursing on the bottle, but she often needs a couple of turns with breaks in between. Theodore can suck it back! Despite being the runt, he can out-eat his siblings nearly every time. His face is more lion-like than the others. I often think we should nickname him "Simba" and start singing "Hakuna Matata".

Unfortunately, the kittens seem to have caught ear mites from Mama. :-( I checked after Theo was shaking his head more than normal. Little brown dots in the ears of at least two kittens, so looks like another trip to the Humane Society.

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